BARRCing Success Story

After a few years without a dog, we decided it was time to get another family member. He was my combination christmas/ birthday present (my birthday's in Feb).

His energy and friendliness with people was obvious from the first. Had a few teething issues (to be expected), but nothing we couldn't handle. We have discovered he loves goes for walks, car rides, rope ties and tennis balls. Every person that comes in is a friend. Loves his food, except greens. But is well-behaved and will generally only take food if given permission. Glasses of milk and sweet biscuits are the exceptions... Not a fan of baths, will not go in water above chest height, loves running in the sand on the beach.

Overall a friendly dog who has no concept of personal space or appropriate places to lay, but has been the best company for this crazy year.


—  Bronwyn, adopted Milo