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The BARRC Adoptables

D0602 Monica

🐾 Meet Monica: The Energetic and Loving Amstaff Mix! 🐾

D0660 Kelly

Kelly is the perfect addition to your family. She loves people however is not suited to sharing with other dogs.

D0691 Delilah

🐾 Meet Delilah - The Charming Bull Arab Puppy Ready for a Forever Home! 🐾

D0704 Marnie

Meet Marnie

D0713 Sparky

Meet Sparky

D0718 Jaime

Meet the lovable Jamie

D0622 Gigi

Gigi - affectionate and inquisitive and will capture your heart in an instant.

D0668 Azura

Meet the sweet sweet Azura

D0701 Ruefus

🐾 Meet Ruefus: Your Perfect Companion! 🐾

D0708 Soul

Affectionate dog who loves people and adores pats.

D0717 Ray

Adorable puppy with lots of love to share.

D0719 Halley

🌟🐾 Meet Halley: Your Comet of Love and Joy! 🐾🌟

Paw prints_edited.png
Paw prints_edited.png
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