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The BARRC Adoptables

D0536 Tiggy

🐾🏡 Meet Tiggy, Your Future Best Friend! 🏡🐾

D0627 Miss Piggy

Are you ready to add a bundle of joy and loyalty to your life? Look no further! We have an adorable Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy eagerly waiting for their forever home.

D0648 Sadie

🌟 Meet Sadie: Your Energetic Emissary of Love and Fun! 🌟

D0657 Jet

🚀 Meet Jet: Your Energetic Adventure Buddy! 🚀


🐾 Meet Ringo: A Brilliant German Shepherd in Search of His Perfect Match 🐾

D0622 Kali

🐾 Meet Kali: Your Affectionate and Curious Staffordshire Bull Terrier Companion! 🐾

D0638 Nala

🌟 **Meet Nala: A Playful Soul in Search of a Forever Playmate! 🎾**

D0649 Rudy

🌟 Introducing Rudy: Your Playful Partner in Crime and Cuddles! 🌟

D0658 Boof

🐾 Meet Boof - The Energetic and Intelligent Border Collie Mix! 🐾

Paw prints_edited.png
Paw prints_edited.png
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