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D0342 Beau

Beau is an absolute ray of sunshine in our lives! He comes just about everywhere with us, loves the beach, the car, camping trips and he has lots of girlfriends! 😉 He is smart, loving and loyal, and we are so grateful to BARRC for bringing us together❤

D0554 Misty Blue

Misty has settled in so well. She loves having 3 kids to play with and her new best friend Splash the Kelpie. She has lots of room to play and seems really happy and we couldn’t imagine not having her as part of our family

D0626 Lilly

Lily is a very social puppy and has had a couple of doggy daycare days to enjoy with her new friend.
Ruby. Mack and Lily enjoy their walks together every afternoon (we get reminders about the time of day). We can’t thank BARRC and the wonderful volunteers enough (especially Sally for giving Lily a good start). Thank you BARRC xo

Jarrah (Shelby)

Jarrah joined Reef, another BARRC dog who we have had for three years, and their playful and joyous natures combined to make them the best of mates. There is little they do apart from endless playing in the garden, sleeping side by side, running amok on the beach and sharing each other's dinner bowls. Not only do they look alike, but their personalities are a perfect match.

D0431 Buster

Buster has been with us for a few months now and we couldn't image our life without him. He became an instant treasured family member and is loved by us all, plus everyone who comes into our house. He has such a lovely nature and is very affectionate, he loves cuddles and to be close to us.

D0567 Mango

I saw the picture of Mango (unnamed then) and how sad she looked! She earned everyone’s heart so easily! She is the cuddliest thing, always tries to please and learns very fast! I have taken her camping, hiking, to restaurants and beaches, rivers and mountains but her favourite is the dog park where she knows at least 10 dogs! 💗

Dudley now Patch

After moving from NZ, we set about making Australia our home. Settled in our new home found we had a gap in our lives. We happened upon the BARRC website and spotted Patch. Applied and had our trial period with him. He fitted in perfectly so is now ours. We changed his name to Dudley as it was a better name for him. He has the run of our whole property and house. He seems happy and content. We would have no problems in going through BARRC again, the process was awesome.


The whole story of how I met Pip actually started several months beforehand and is way too long and heartbreaking to share... But right when I knew things were going to get tough, Pip pops up exactly when she was supposed to. She wasn't available for a straight-up adoption, needing surgery, medical visits and extra care & attention in order for her to be healthy enough to adopt. BARRC provided absolutely everything to get us started and I couldn't've been more appreciative of everything they've done.

D0437 Gypsy now Torra

Torra started out as a foster and quickly became a permanent part of our family. Torra has an abundance of love to give and will do almost anything for a pat or a cuddle. She loves all humans but has a special place in her heart for me, and I for her.

D0577 Barnaby

Seems to be settling in really well and making himself at home. He's almost toilet trained and knows some basic commands, super smart boy ❤️ have tried to take him out and about carrying him around some safe areas to socialise as much as we can! He will definitely be a lot bigger than we thought but he's an angel ☺


We adopted Eddie from BARRC after applying to adopt Nova and after the visit we decided to adopt both. We took Nova home that day but had to wait a few weeks for Eddie as he had been booked in to be fixed up. We fell in love as soon as we met him his nature was just amazing he has learnt to sit and shake hands for his food and is the most big gentle giant who loves attention.

Success Stories

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