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Our Mission

Rescue. Nurture. Rehome. Educate.

Through the education of responsible pet ownership, sterilisation and rehoming endeavors, BARRC aim to create a future where all animals are valued within their community.

We focus on the values of Teamwork, Integrity, Passion, Care, Perseverance and
Partnership. Each of our values leads us toward reaching our goal of reducing the
number of displaced pets in the South West.

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Who We Are

BARRC is a not for profit Animal Welfare organisation operating in Bunbury WA.
The organisation operates solely on a voluntary basis and does not have paid employees nor does it receive any government funded grants.
BARRC was established in March 2019 after a small group of individuals discovered a much needed requirement for more animal welfare organisation assistance in the South West of  WA.   We began as a group of individuals committed to rescuing and rehoming animals.  Although we are a new organisation, the committee has a combined experience in animal welfare of over 22 years. 
The committee and management of BARRC is based in Bunbury, rescuing animals throughout the Bunbury region. This local community structure allows us to be flexible to meet the needs of the community and react accordingly.



BARRC focus on educating and engaging with the community to understand responsible pet ownership and how to embed it in their homes.  We seek to have a positive impact to reduce animal homelessness whilst rescuing and rehoming those animals impacted in the meantime.
We work collaboratively with other animal rescue organisations and have chosen a more compassionate way of looking at situations where people need to rehome or surrender their pets and understand that circumstances can change, placing families in desperate situations and in need of assistance.  We understand how painful it must be for people forced to give up their beloved pet when they are left with no other choice.
All our dogs are placed in suitable foster homes until the perfect home is found.  Dogs in foster care are more likely to adjust to normal family life, as well as having the opportunity to socialise and provision of some basic training, such as house training and on lead manners.  Foster homes not 
only save lives, they also make many animals more likely to be re-homed successfully.
We believe that all companion animals deserve a safe and loving home. We strive to accomplish this through our work in rehoming, desexing and  education programs.
As part of our ‘Getting to Zero’ philosophy we are committed to achieving zero euthanasia of healthy, treatable and rehomable animals.

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