Thank you for considering assisting BARRC to save animals' lives.  BARRC relies solely on volunteers.  


You can help save a life by fostering, donating, joining our fundraising team or helping out with kennel care and dog walking. Simply tell us how you would like to help out.


Foster Carer

BARRC believes that every animal needs a family to feel safe and prepare for their new life. We have an amazing community members who foster our dogs to give them a warm and loving home so that they can grow while waiting for their life-long family to adopt. Foster carers can teach dogs how to behave around humans while they also learn about the animal they're caring for. Foster carers have a better understanding about what type of home suits the dog they're fostering, which enables a better match.

BARRC is always open to new foster carers. The more the merrier. And it's vet cost-free. All vet expenses are covered by BARRC. We receive donations of food, bedding, bowls, harnesses, leads and we provide those items to the families who foster our animals.

And you can have other animals, we ensure everyone meets prior to fostering so that we know they'll be great companions for each other.  We also understand that circumstances change and if the foster dog needs to move, we will do this as soon as possible.

If this sounds like the perfect opportunity for you to help prepare a rescue dog for their forever home, please complete the online application via the button below.


Kennel Watch Dog

Do you love dogs? Would you love to help a rescue dog but can't have one yourself or already have enough at home? Would you like to spend quality time at BARRC working with dogs and walking dogs and cuddling them?


We have a short-term emergency kennel where the dogs need twice daily love, walks and attention.

Other volunteering help required

We'd love to have you help in a variety of ways. We would really appreciate people to help with the following passions:


Gardening – we have invested in our kennels and want to keep the area well maintained.  We are seeking people to help with mowing, weeding, and general maintenance at our short-term emergency kennel.


Marketing - the more people who learn about us and can help us the better.  We need help with promoting events, creating flyers, Facebook posts, Instagram posts – whatever your creative mind can help us with.


Snuffle mat creation - if you love sewing and want to help animals, let us put your skills together with your passion.


Transportation - if you love driving and don't mind parcels and/or dogs in the car, we'd love you to help out.


Administration – running a charity without any employees means paperwork!  If you love administration, we would love to hear from you.


Regular volunteering - if you've got a few hours or more a week that you'd love to spend with animals and animal welfare, we'd love to help you realise that dream.


If you think you have a skill that will help us rescue more dogs, please complete the online application via the button below.