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Free Dog Sterilisation Program

Free Dog Sterilisation Program Terms & Conditions

Who is eligible?

People residing in Western Australia with access to a vet in one of the allocated areas, are eligible for BARRC’s Free Dog Sterilisation Program. 

What is included in the Sterilisation Program?

Free Sterilisation of male and female dogs. The anesthesia needed for the sterilisation surgery, the surgery itself, pain/antibiotic injection, suture removal.  The Sterilisation Program does not cover additional costs for other conditions, post operative needs or services (e.g. pets in heat, complications that may arise during the procedure and vaccinations).

What are your obligations?

You are required to provide identification (eg Drivers Licence; Medicare or Concession Card)

You must be the owner of the dog.

It is your responsibility to pay any additional fee above and beyond the sterilisation service, directly to the vet clinic on the day of the service. This may include, but is not limited to, procedures associated with complications that arise during or after surgery (e.g. animal in heat or pregnant, flea and/or tick burden, other parasites, infection, and incision repair due to not following vet orders).


You agree that if there are any special circumstances or any complications (e.g. post-operative infection, anaesthetic reaction or dog is in season, male dog has retained testicles, etc.) you are liable for additional costs that are not covered by BARRC.

You agree to fully release BARRC and its volunteer and agents from all liability in connection with your participation in the Free Dog Sterilisation Program.

You agree to providing a $40 refundable deposit within 7 days of confirmation of acceptance for the program.

With the proposal of the Dog Amendment (Stop Puppy Farming) Bill 2021, unless exempt, all dog owners will be required to sterilise their dog by the time they reach two years of age.

BARRC has launched a Free Sterilisation Program for dogs with our sponsors Savour Life and Pet Barn.  This program is established to reduce the number of unwanted, abandoned dogs and their unnecessary breeding.  The program will be run whilst spaces remain available. 

Overpopulation is a growing concern and we understand the daily financial struggles that many families are faced with, making it unattainable to cover the cost of sterilising their dog.  Unlike other reduced cost sterilisation programs, this service is open to every struggling household and not only concession card holders.   

There are many benefits to sterilising your dog, including substantially reduced mandatory registration fees.


  • can reduce aggression toward dogs and people

  • reduces risk of testicular cancers in males

  • removes risk of ovarian cancers and reduces risk of mammary cancers in females

  • ceases to attract male dogs (thus reducing wandering males)

  • reduces and mostly eliminates mood changes in females

  • removes the ability to breed, thus removing unwanted litters


Supporting vets for this program are listed in the application (please ensure you are able to attend one of these clinics should you be accepted for the program).​

Once your application is approved, you will be asked to pay a $40 fully refundable deposit to secure your booking.  This deposit is returned to you once the dog has attended the clinic for his/her sterilising procedure.

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